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For over 25 years I’ve been helping leaders, managers and key contributors attain higher levels of contribution, performance, productivity and contentment through award-winning leadership and management coaching and training.

Together, we’ll identify what’s actually true for you in your situation, including the real causes of your problems and frustrations. We’ll deal with unhelpful falsehoods, assumptions, beliefs and shortcomings and use your truth and your strengths within it to help you create the success you want.

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I’m proud to offer a bespoke leadership, management and talent coaching service, tailored on an individual basis to the needs of leaders, managers and key contributors across the UK and beyond.

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Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching Services has been a leadership and management coach and trainer for over 25 years. He is a highly qualified coach, accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management, and the Chartered Management Institute to Level 7 Strategic Leadership.

In 2010 he received a UK National Training Award for his Senior Leadership Training and Coaching Programme that the judges described as ‘outstanding’.

He works with leaders, managers, and key contributors at all levels and across all sectors, including financial services, engineering, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, social enterprise, local government and SMEs.

His coaching purpose is to help you uncover your truth, whatever that is for you, with a strong focus on identifying what is true about ourselves and our situation. Executive Coaching Services believes this puts us in the best position to solve our problems, grow and succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is professional coaching?

Professional coaching, though subject to a number of definitions depending on content, is generally defined as the process of improving an individual’s performance, or working to meet goals and objectives within a professional context through the assistance of an experienced specialist. This specialist, known as a coach, works to develop a trustworthy, structured, supportive environment, in which the individual, or ‘coachee’ may develop a further understanding of their current performance, behaviour, and perception, whilst working to establish and achieve relevant, achievable goals, and take appropriate steps to meet them. Professional coaching may also be defined as a series of conversations or wider relationship which is established with focus on personal growth and development.

How long does coaching take to work?

The length of the coaching process is highly dependent on a number of contextual factors, including the amount of support required by the client, the goals established throughout the process, and the coaching dynamic – alongside the factors perceived by the client as indicating that the coaching has ‘worked’. Whilst some clients are able to achieve a sustainable change in mindset or move past a hurdle as a result of an intensive one-hour conversation, many require, or simply benefit from developing an extended coaching relationship, lasting from months to years.
Executive Coaching Services package options offer a ‘set’ alternative to those looking to book coaching over a set period, with the problem solver package offering a one-hour long intensive conversation, and the transformation package offering six coaching conversations and review over a period of six months.

What are the key elements of a coaching plan?

The elements of the coaching process are highly variable – and generally depend on both the preferred process of the individual coach, and the preferences and circumstances of the coachee. The Executive Coaching Services coaching process generally involves six steps, all of which can be further tailored to fit the specific requirements of clients;

1. Consultation - During this meeting, we’ll establish what your most important issues or goals are, and whether or not coaching is right for you.

2. Coaching package selection - We’ll use all of the information gathered in our initial consultation to establish which of my coaching packages is best suited to your needs.

3. Coaching conversation - Throughout our coaching conversations, we’ll focus on your most important issue or goal, explore this thoroughly, and agree on specific actions you may take.

4. Take action - We’ll note the results of any action taken, reflect on how and why you got this result, and prepare for the next coaching conversation

5. Review - During the next coaching conversation, we’ll focus on what happened, and why. What do we need to focus on as a consequence?

6. Final coaching conversation - We'll review your progress towards your most important goals, and agree on next steps.

Steps 3 to 6 may be repeated as often as is necessary to adjust coaching to meet current circumstances, or in order to establish new goals.

What is strengths based coaching?

Strengths-based coaching is a highly effective approach, in which coaches build upon existing knowledge, skills, and talents, and assist clients in developing a deep understanding of their personal strengths. During this process, coaching will work to identify these existing factors, before assisting in the development of behaviours and tactics which allow for their advantageous application, helping boost performance across a number of contexts.
Strengths-based coaching also allows for the identification of weaknesses or skills gaps – which are most often tackled using a positive approach, allowing for the development of new, targeted behaviours, allowing for further positive impact.

How can I improve team performance?

Leadership and management coaching is often used as an innovative way to improve team performance ‘from the top’. By helping key figures and team leaders develop a further understanding and awareness of their own behaviours and potential, clarify goals, and develop and achieve manageable, valuable objectives, coaching, (when used effectively) can improve the performance of entire teams.

Looking to improve your performance as a leader or manager with the help of an experienced coach and trainer? Contact Executive Coaching Services today for a 30-minute free consultation.

How do I stop feeling overwhelmed at work as a manager?

Management coaching and training are two of the best ways to remedy the root causes of feeling overwhelmed at the workplace. Whilst management coaching (or executive coaching) works to encourage sustainable improvement across management behaviours, and mindset using goal-setting and guidance, management training is designed to ensure the existence of a stable base of foundational knowledge, helping develop valuable, applicable skills within the context of a manager’s workplace.

So, whether you require further guidance regarding your management style and mindset, or, feel you’d benefit from a ‘knowledge boost’, training and coaching can be highly beneficial to reducing workplace stress in both key figures, and their teams.

How do I overcome self-doubt as a leader?

Working directly with an experienced leadership coach is one of the best ways to further develop your confidence and self-perception as a leader, regardless of your current performance. Working to create clear goals, improve self-awareness, and instil positive, effective leadership behaviours, leadership coaching (when employed effectively) builds confidence from the individual outwards – resulting in increased engagement and improved performance from their team. Seeing the active results of achievable and measurable goals is an excellent way to stave off self-doubt – making sustainable coaching highly effective. This method may be paired with leadership training where self-doubt stems from a lack of knowledge.

How can I be more ambitious at work?

Developing a sense of ambition can be key to the success of individuals in positions of power – including leadership and management. Coaching is an excellent way to develop a both a sustainable, ambitious mindset, and achievable, relevant goals, typically using tailored guidance and experience to improve the performance of leaders, managers, and key figures across a number of contexts.

In addition to this, ambition may be developed through personal development in the form of study and discussion, self-investment, goal-setting, and calculated risk-taking – amongst a number of actions.

There is no set formula for increasing ambition. Those looking to further develop themselves in this manner should take into consideration unique personal and occupational factors, before working to develop a plan fully tailored to their needs.

What is key contributor coaching?

Key contributor coaching works to assist key contributors in exerting the authority and influence needed to create the best possible results, working to balance high ambitions with the rigid rules, or well-intentioned but inflexible gatekeepers often encountered by those in key contributor positions.

Throughout the coaching process, the key contributor and coach generally work collaboratively to explore and establish the true extent of the power held by the contributor, before looking for potential opportunities to increase this through strategies such as credible self-promotion, building alliances and nurturing reciprocal relationships. In short, key contributor coaching seeks to maximise the impact of the individual, working to ensure that their contribution is valued and supported to the extent it should be.

What is professional training?

The definition of professional training varies significantly according to provider and context. Within the context of leadership and management training, it is most often defined as the process of building knowledge relevant to a professional field with the assistance of an experienced specialist, or coach. This coach generally works to encourage valuable discussion and may provide learning materials and case studies relevant to individual circumstances in an effort to help build the foundational knowledge of managers, leaders, and extended teams.

A highly scalable and widely beneficial service, professional training works to improve the performance of both senior figures and their downlines.