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Executive Coaching Services

I have been a leadership and management coach and trainer for over 25 years and am accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management and the Chartered Management Institute to Level 7 Strategic Leadership.

In 2010 I was fortunate to receive a UK National Training Award for a Senior Leadership Training and Coaching Programme that the judges described as ‘outstanding’.

I’ve been privileged to work with leaders, managers, and key contributors at all levels and across all sectors, including financial services, engineering, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, social enterprise, local government and SMEs.

My coaching purpose is to help you uncover your truth, whatever that is for you. Identifying what is true about ourselves and our situation puts us in the best position to solve our problems, grow and succeed.

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The Executive Coaching Services Philosophy – Humanity, Authenticity, and Ability.

The very best leaders, managers and key contributors I coach tend to share three qualities:

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They are people first. They recognise their humanity as foundational to their identity. They are comfortable with themselves without being complacent. They are compassionate towards others without sacrificing responsibility and accountability.

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They know themselves. They make self-awareness a lifelong study. As a result, they behave authentically as a cornerstone of their integrity. They have developed self-belief based on their true impact on the world, and have no need to hide behind over-confidence or self-delusion.

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They use their strengths to succeed. They accept they can’t be excellent at everything so they focus on the abilities they have that create the highest value for the people around them. They relish opportunities to develop, empower and support others to be excellent in areas they are not.

My coaching philosophy is based on these interdependent qualities of humanity, authenticity and ability.

  • My Coaching Philosophy
  • Humanity

    Humanity is the foundational quality of the three core elements of my coaching philosophy.

    As people, we have three basic motivations: to get along with others, to get ahead by achieving things that are important to us, and to find meaning in our lives – such as committing to a worthy cause that is greater than ourselves.

    Through coaching, I will help you discover the importance of these three motivators and will identify changes that will help you optimise them. In addition to this, I will coach you to visit your five pillars of wellbeing – being active, connecting with others, contributing, learning, and awareness – to ensure they are serving you appropriately well too.

    Thankfully we are moving away from the delusion that we must behave like machines that are always switched on in order to be productive and achieve important goals. We are realising the quality of our thinking, the decisions we make based on that and how we choose to focus and restore our energy are more effective ways to make the right difference in the world for ourselves.

  • Authenticity

    Our authenticity is a result of our humanity.

    Just as we are all physically different, so our personalities and ways of thinking are unique. Being authentic is about finding, accepting and being the most comfortable and confident version of ‘you’ while embracing the value of change, development and growth.

    The key to this development lies in embracing your purpose – the big WHY that represents your strongest personal motivator. This can be vocational and last a lifetime, or, you might identify a number of them at different times in your life. Whatever your purpose is for you, it is the cause or goal you are prepared to stretch and grow for, accepting challenge and adversity along the way.

    The best way to move towards realising your purpose is as the first-rate you that you actually are, not by trying to be a second-rate somebody else. Coaching will help confirm who this first-rate you is.

  • Ability

    Within your authentic self are your strengths – the knowledge, skills and abilities that set you apart and with which you can create the most value.

    We all have them.

    Leadership and management coaching will encourage you to find even better ways to use your strengths in pursuit of your most important goals, and create the space for this use to be most effective. The more you are able to apply your strengths in the right way, the more successful you will be.

    Supporting your strengths will be a number of other abilities you need. For instance, you might need some organisational discipline to maintain enough space to use your strengths properly. Coaching will also help identify these strength supports. You only need to be sufficiently competent at these, not expert.

    Coaching will also help identify the things you shouldn’t be doing at all, either because you’re poor at them, or because someone else is much better than you already. You will be encouraged to let go and delegate the things that hinder you as much as possible so you can maximise your focus on what makes the biggest positive difference for you.

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For over 25 years I’ve been helping leaders, managers and key contributors attain higher levels of contribution, performance, productivity and contentment through award-winning coaching and training.

Throughout our coaching or training journey, we’ll work collaboratively to identify what’s actually true for you in your situation, including the real causes of your problems and frustrations. We’ll deal with unhelpful falsehoods, assumptions, beliefs and shortcomings and use your truth and your strengths within it to help you create the success you want.

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