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As a talented individual, you’re probably a key contributor to the success of your organisation. Your high impact comes from the specialist knowledge and strong skill set you possess as well as your ability to influence and win over your colleagues to your way of thinking.

Within talent coaching, we will assess the impact you’re making and create as much space as possible for your unique strengths to flourish. We will also consider any blockages or frustrations that are holding you back and devise ways to overcome them. The aim will be for your to feel free to do your best work and fully valued and supported doing so.

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Why choose

Executive Coaching Services?

My bespoke key contributor coaching is tailored to individual needs and is suitable for talented individuals at all levels. Some of the key features of my unique approach are summarised below:

Your time and investment are valuable. I will get straight into the issue that’s most important to you. Unlike some other coaches, I won’t waste your time on your background or your history. You already know that. Relevant parts of that will emerge naturally as we work on what you want to achieve.

You will also receive ‘tough love’ from me when appropriate during our talent coaching journey. You will find me accepting, compassionate, and non-judgmental but be prepared to be challenged as well. I won’t let you off the hook if I believe it’s in your interests to face something uncomfortable.

We can reach into the deep reservoir of tools, concepts, and models I have built up over the 25 years plus I’ve been a coach. My talent coaching is very practical and action-focused. Often employing a proven framework helps realise the value of the actions you will take.

I will work with you to uncover ‘cause’ – not just deal with the ‘symptoms’ of your situation.

I will listen forensically to you, looking for the deeper, significant themes that need to be highlighted and addressed. This will help your thinking about yourself and your decision-making.

Free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation, we’ll establish what your most important issues or goals are, and whether or not talent coaching is right for you.

Accredited Leadership and Management Coaching Services - Mindfulness Educator

Putting your talent to work through Humanity, Authenticity, and Ability

My talent coaching service is designed around a core of three critical, mutually sustaining areas. I believe tailoring around these three areas allows for an essential balance between a sole focus on performance improvement, and the effectiveness of the human behind the role title, resulting in the development of truly meaningful, and sustainable solutions.

I will adopt the perspective most suitable for your talent coaching needs.

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When you know yourself as a person, you can be your true self as a talented contributor.

Our talent coaching relationship will help you find and manage your balance point among three fundamental human motivators. I will also attend to the five pillars of your wellbeing to ensure you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally solid. Well-being is the foundation of success at any level and particularly true to reach the high standards you set for yourself.

Key outcome: you feel part of the human race, not the rat race

Executive Mentor Norfolk UK


When you are being your true self, you can be your best self as a key contributor.

I will work alongside you to identify and celebrate your unique strengths and the high value you create with them. Grounding what you do in your strengths is the best way to ensure your personal success.

Key outcome: you recognise and are proud of the person you see in the mirror

Executive Coach UK


When you are your best self, you will achieve the most with your talent.

Our talent coaching relationship works to create the best possible space for you to bring your strengths to the fore to work effectively towards your most important goals. My talent coaching service will be fully personalised to you, and will include developing other attributes you might need to thrive – such as resilience and emotional intelligence.

Key outcome: your contribution is high quality, highly valued and you are highly appreciated

Talent Coaching will help you move towards your full potential by finding ways for you to create the space for your strengths to flourish. It will help you stay organised and focused and eliminate low-value activity. Talent Coaching will also help you promote your value effectively by nurturing key relationships and building a network of advocates and champions.

Who is this for?

The Benefits
of Talent Coaching

Effective talent coaching can give you

As a result of talent coaching, you will be working to your strengths even more and surrounded by a supportive network that wants you to excel.

The Executive Coaching Services
Talent Coaching Process

My talent coaching is highly personalised and collaborative. It is centred on realising sustainable change so that you are performing to your highest potential and justly valued as a key contributor. We will work closely on a one-to-one basis. Discover more about my talent coaching process below.

1. Free 30 Minute Initial Consultation
During this meeting, we’ll establish what your most important issues or goals are, and whether or not coaching is right for you.
2. Coaching package selection
We’ll use all of the information gathered in our initial consultation to establish which of my coaching packages is best suited to your needs.
3. Coaching conversation
Throughout our coaching conversations, we’ll focus on your most important issue or goal, explore this thoroughly, and agree on specific actions you may take.
4. Take action
We’ll note the results of any action taken, reflect on how and why you got this result, and prepare for the next coaching conversation.
5. Review
During the next coaching conversation, we’ll focus on what happened, and why. What do we need to focus on as a consequence?
6. Final coaching conversation
We'll review your progress towards your most important goals, and agree on next steps.

Coaching and Training

Meet Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching Services has been a talent coach and trainer for over 25 years. He is a highly qualified coach, accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management, and the Chartered Management Institute to Level 7 Strategic Leadership.

In 2010 he received a UK National Training Award for his Senior Leadership Training and Coaching Programme that the judges described as ‘outstanding’.

He works with leaders, managers, and key contributors at all levels and across all sectors, including financial services, engineering, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, social enterprise, local government and SMEs.

His coaching purpose is to help you uncover your truth, whatever that is for you, with a strong focus on identifying what is true about ourselves and our situation. Executive Coaching Services believes this puts us in the best position to solve our problems, grow and succeed.

Client Testimonials

Talent Coaching FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is talent coaching?

Talent coaching works to assist talented individuals with significant potential (who are often key contributors to their organisations) in exerting the authority and influence needed to create the best possible results, working to balance high ambitions with the rigid rules, or well-intentioned but inflexible gatekeepers often encountered by those in key contributor positions.

Throughout the coaching process, the talented individual and coach generally work collaboratively to explore and establish the true extent of the individual’s current power, before looking for potential opportunities to increase this through strategies such as credible self-promotion, building alliances and nurturing reciprocal relationships. In short, key talent coaching seeks to maximise the impact of the individual, working to ensure that their contribution is valued and supported to the extent it should be.

What is key contributor coaching?

Key contributor coaching may also be referred to as talent coaching - depending on the position of the individual seeking assistance, or the context that the training is conducted within. Key contributor coaching works to empower individuals actively contributing to their organisation, but often lacking recognition. Greatly assisting key contributors in leveraging further influence, coaching guides individuals in exerting the authority and influence needed to create the best possible results. This coaching process balances high ambitions with the rigid rules, or well-intentioned but inflexible gatekeepers often encountered by those in key contributor positions.

How much does talent coaching cost?

The cost of talent coaching varies greatly depending on coach or provider – alongside the format in which they provide their services. Common pricing plans include payment by session and packaged plans. Executive Coaching Services offers a number of packages designed to the needs of clients requiring both one-off, and sustained talent coaching. Options include;

Transformation Package - £1150 for six one-hour coaching conversations over three months

Breakthrough Package £595 for three one-hour coaching conversations over six weeks

Problem Solver - £200 for a one-hour intensive conversation

Team/Group Day - £1295 for six hours of coaching/facilitation over one day

These packages may be further tailored to suit your exact needs. Discover the full Executive Coaching Services price list here, or, to further discuss your talent coaching goals, get in touch with Executive Coaching Services today for a free 30-minute consultation call.

What is a key contributor?

Key contributors are often thought of as the silent pillars of their organisations. Typically highly productive and active members of their workplace or team, key or ‘individual’ contributors do not have anybody reporting to them - and are typically not in a formal position of leadership. Despite this, these individuals make significant contributions across their organisation, influencing its overall success in a number of ways.

These talented contributors can often benefit greatly from coaching, geared towards balancing their existing influence with formal power, and further building upon their strong skillset.

Is talent coaching worth it?

Whether or not talent coaching is ‘worth it’ is dependent on a number of factors, including what exactly the individual or organisation is looking to achieve as a result, the quality of coaching provided, and the amount of coaching undertaken.

When conducted by an experienced professional understanding of the talented individual or key contributor’s goals, talent coaching can be a highly valuable process, helping deserving organisation or team members flourish.

Looking to leverage your power and potential as a talented contributor? Contact Executive Coaching Services today for a 30-minute free consultation to discuss your coaching requirements and ambitions.